Shell on Earth – houseplant pot topping

shell on earth

We are delighted to stock Shell on Earth’s recycled crushed whelk shells at our Market Harborough shop. This is a brilliantly versatile product for your houseplants; you can use it as a decorative soil topper, added drainage component or helpful pest deterrent.

However you use it, you’ll love the story behind the company and their values. Learn more about Shell on Earth.

Cactus enthusiasts have long been using grit as a top dressing for their plants. Using crushed shells from Shell on Earth as a top dressing for your houseplants provides all the same benefits with the added bonus that the pearl-like fragments look next-level beautiful.

Top-dressing your houseplants using the shells increases drainage and helps the top layer of soil from getting too wet around the base of your plants and avoids stem or base rot. It also adds a physical barrier to prevent those pesky soil gnats from burrowing into the soil and using your houseplants as an incubator for their eggs and larvae. A good layer of crushed shells can also deter cats (and toddlers) from digging into the soil and creating a mess.

You can also use Shell on Earth to add drainage to your soil mixes – particularly for cactus and succulents which appreciate a very free draining mix and it’s brilliant for adding a drainage layer at the base of your pots. You can really appreciate the natural beauty and pearlescence by using Shell on Earth in glass terrariums – looks and practicality in one!

Pop into our shop to find out more about Shell on Earth and pick up a bag or two – we have handy mini bags in both standard and super-crush (fine) grade and medium sized bags in standard crush. These little bags are surprisingly weighty, so you will save yourself a bit in delivery costs by buying in-store.