Workshop – An introduction to houseplants

Susie from Windowsill will give you the ultimate guide to buying and keeping your houseplants healthy and thriving.

An introduction to houseplants - Market Harborough

Houseplants can positively affect our environments and promote well-being, but often are a source of anxiety over keeping them alive or sadness when they don’t make it.

During this relaxed course you will learn more about what your houseplants need to flourish and understand how to better look after them.

We will examine the different factors that affect growth and health of the plants (light, warmth, humidity, watering, feeding and soil) and guide you through how to apply this knowledge to the different plants in your collection, so that they thrive and you can enjoy them without the stress.

Susie will also be bringing a range of house plants to purchase on the day.

This course accommodates 10 people.

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