Soil Ninja – House Plant Soil

repotting Houseplant Soil Market Harborough

windowsill stock a wide range of premium soil blends in our Market Harborough shop from our friends at Soil Ninja for all your houseplant repotting needs. These guys really know their stuff and they’ve done all the hard work for us in developing a range of soil blends and components using the best quality ingredients.

Whether it’s a perfect potting mix for your cactus or succulents or a fabulous chunky mix for your Monstera Cheese Plant Soil Ninja have combined ingredients in the perfect ratios to provide a balance of great drainage, moisture retention and nutrition; always peat-free – your plants will thank you and you will see the difference in growth and plant & root health.

You shouldn’t need to worry about repotting your houseplants from windowsill in a hurry; we buy top quality plants from highly rated growers and they come in pretty good soil – as far as possible we buy from peat-free suppliers. A majority of houseplants prefer to be quite cozy in their pots and it is important not to be too quick to upgrade them into bigger pots, as this can cause issues for the plant roots.

However there will come a time that you will be thinking of re-potting your plants – either plants that you have bought from less fussy outlets, plants you have rescued from friends or family or plants that have grown so well in your care that they have outgrown their current pots. When this happens it helps if you use a good quality houseplant mix – a trowel load of dirt from your garden won’t cut it.

Pop into our shop for help selecting the right blend for your plants, friendly advice on re-potting and save yourself the delivery costs. If it’s all a bit daunting we have a re-potting service – just contact us or pop in for more information. If you’re inspired and want to know more about re-potting your houseplants we run brilliant, informal houseplant workshop / courses here at windowsill, in our gorgeous Market Harborough shop.